Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm sure we've all heard about how small the world really is. What is it... we know everyone by six people or something. Well, I always thought, "There is no way!" Turns out it's probably very true. So that got me to thinking...

How well do you leave an impression on someone? I was out the other day and ran into a parent of a peer in school. She remembered me very well and I never would have guessed her to even know my name. I only met her once at about 11pm at night. To make a long story short, I was on a school trip and there was a dance and roughly three girls to every boy. I was the first girl asked to dance and danced the night away, with all four of the boys. It was a fun last night to our three week trip. I didn't think anything of it, but always remembered the looks on the other girls faces when I was choosen first and by him. Needless to say I never talked to any of those four boys once back at school, but I thought about all of them often.

Anyway, when I think about that trip, I often wonder what they are up to and I even saw that one of them got married, and and another had a baby in the newspaper. It was the mother who saw me and came over to say, "Hello," where I really started wondering if maybe they thought of me too over the years and most likely even talked about me to their parents.

I wonder what would have happened if we stayed in contact and remained friends once back in school? It's crazy how things could have been so different.

So the moral of this story 13 years later is from now on, I intend on making a better impression on people and letting them know I want to keep in contact. For the most part I'm fairly shy, but I'm working on that. I've let too many possible friends slip through the cracks. It shouldn't take 13 years to teach me something.

Monday, September 13, 2010


So all week we've been working on our bathroom for one week and it's still not done. I'm very sad because I wanted to use my cool new tub this week. However, since it's not done that means it will be MY project to finish. I hate following Brandon around getting stuff for him. It's not because he doesn't think I can't do it, it's just the rolls we fall into most.

Which brings me to thinking... Is this what we are teaching our children. I'm so thankful that my parents taught me so much. My mom spent hours in the kitchen teaching me to cook and my dad spent hours teaching me how to use tools in the garage. I want my kids to be just as well rounded, but I also want to keep them from falling to the stereo typical male-female rolls.

I'm lucky enough to have found Brandon who does let me take the lead and be in charge of projects at times too. I insisted I do all the tile work in my bathroom this week. He was really good about changing rolls and letting me take charge. Ideally this how I want my boys to work with their significant others all the time. But how do you teach this skill? Is it really taught or is it just something they have or don't have? Things to ponder.