Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Okay so I finally finished this crazy scarf/wrap. I didn't have enough yarn to keep going and make it as long as I thought it would be but I love it all the same. I can't wait to wear it. I'm thinking a fun white or black tank top and this scarf. I don't fancy so I don't know.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Midwest Masters

I went to my first big knitting event this past weekend! It was great! My first class was with an amazing teacher and creator Chris Bylsma and my second class was with Candace Eisner Strick who is just amazing. Candace has an amazing sock book out and now she has a great new way to make shawls which was the class I took.

So, after class I bought some yarn with my 15% discount for taking classes. I was feeling grey so I bought lots of grey. I guess I'm not feeling all the wild colors after my last knitting project.

Then today, in the mail I got a beautiful package from Germany. Swaps are so fun and I am enjoying meeting all the wonderful people. Knitting has opened up a whole new world.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Dayz

So much to do...

I don't work so one would think I would have an endless amount of free time. Maybe I sign up for too much or I think I should spend most of my time with my husband and kids which will not change. :)

One of the things I signed up for the past few months was a KAL (knit-a-long) swap in my blue swap group. This has made me so happy and forced me to branch out of my comfort zone. Well, anyway, those who are participating are also making prizes for those who finish and this morning I finished the prize I will be giving away. I so love this purse now I'm not sure I want to give it away, but I will.

Next, I am going to Midwest Masters and the classes I took have homework. Uck! I don't care how old I am, I still hate homework. However, this homework will result in some awesome pocket making abilities. Sweet!

Rummage sale time! I love my rummage sales and this year I need to find a few things. Caleb is almost out grown his summer cloths so I need to find more for him and Joel could use some more summer pajamas. Easy peasy and I should be able to take care of that with just one weekend. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knitting Swaps

I've been doing Ravelry swaps for over six months now. I enjoy getting to know the wonderful knitters around the world and sharing yarns from where we are. These women have truly inspired me to do things I otherwise might not have. For one, I've sold some purses, second, I've knit some crazy complicated items, and third I've taken some very different knitting classes. Sure it's about knitting but because I have that confidence I have the confidence to do other things now too. Just the other day I reapplied for school so I can finish what I started, and I'm also looking at doing some other things.

Some other great things that have come from these swaps are surprises! There is a group I belong to, Swaps of Colors and Themes and the ladies all know I sew because we had two people flake out and I helped fill in by sending some purses. Well, just yesterday I received a package in the mail from one of the ladies who wants me to take the next step and start selling my products online. She sent me a bunch of Vogue sewing magazines and catalogs and even some knitting booklets for babies and small children. I was so very touched I cried. It's crazy how someone you will probably never meet can touch your heart so very much!!!

On a slightly different note, I joined a group, Guilty Pleasures/Good Karma where we send out amazing luxury packages, but before we can take part we have to knit up something for donation or make a monetary donation to a charity. Well, it felt good to not only donate some knitted goods, but also know there is a whole group of ladies doing the same thing. Then we all ship out a package to an assigned partner with luxury items. Well, I got my dream yarn which came all the way from India! And some other awesome indie yarns which makes me so happy. My swap partner also sent me some other awesome luxury items like some cool colorful knitting needles and some super awesome body scrub stuff. Here are some pictures!

While some of you may feel these swaps are just crazy nonsense, they help this stay at home mom feel warm and fuzzy which is all that matters!

Friday, April 15, 2011


So, since I'm not in school at the moment I take knitting classes at the local yarn stores in my area. I consider myself very lucky to have two awesome yarn stores so close by for exactly this reason. Anyway, my most recent class was for a knitting technique called entrelac. I'm not sure where it started or anything, but I saw a huge entrelac blanket somewhere and asked what it was called and thought to myself, I must learn that. So, in my class I learned how to knit entrelac and a mobious and how to put them together. I think you need a picture to fully understand, I know I did.

This is a picture of my second entrelac mobious on needles. Crazy, cool!

This is my finished project!

Mobious means twist, I guess.

Oh I suppose you want to know what it is you are to do with this odd shaped thing. You wear it like a scarf. I wanted to wear mine this spring, most like a necklace. The first one is smaller and fits like a cowl where the second one will accoplish what I want. Crazy!

On a similar note Brandon and I are working tirelessly to get ready for school this fall. There is a ton of paper work involved with higher education. Both of us in school and taking on homeschooling. Now that is crazy! Next week I plan on making more soap so... Yay!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


For the love of COFFEE!


I have always loved coffee since I was probably 8.

For my coffee addiction I have learned how to make an assortment of coffees thus purchasing many coffee makers. My favorite is the a very simple french press which I recently dressed up with a skein of yarn from a swap.

Along with that, I have a run of the mill drip coffee maker for normal people who enjoy a regular cup of coffee. Lastly an old fashion percolator coffee maker, for the stove top or mainly camping as it's easy to clean and use and requires no electric.

To make a long story short I was doing some spring cleaning and much to my surprise I found back my awesome and much loved Turkish coffee grinder. I accquired mine at a Bosnian flee market in Tusla, but I'm sure they have them around here. So, this morning I rushed to get up and make myself a cup of traditional Bosnian coffee or sludge as we nicknamed it. This closes mimics a Turkish coffee only the more old fashion, lets say. I took apart the ginder and cleaned it since it hadn't been used in about 5 years and put it all back together. Simple! I ground my coffee into the fine powder and it smells like heaven already and I test the powder to see if it's just as fine as I remember and much to my surprise it is even more fine. Eek! I whip up a batch in my saucepan pour myself a small coffee cup full. Mind you their coffee cups hold maybe 2 oz and our regular cups measure about 6-8 oz and mind is a full 14 oucner. Eep!

I am in pure bliss with my coffee this morning. Did my taste change? Have I now grown more accustom to the stronger coffee. Trust me, I'm totally wired this morning as this coffee has those superfine grounds mixed right in the water and there is no filter.

Lastly, here is a picture of my Bosnian coffee set which was taken right before Kadira and I had coffee. I think this was the first time I made the coffee and she said it was okay. Yay!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where did spring go?

It is super cold and the public schools are on spring break. So of course it is snowing out and private schools were canceled. It's all good though. I just wanted spring.

On the bright side, I've had time to work my behind off and get pretty far on my scarf for a KAL swap project thing. I've also finished one sock from yarn I hand dyed and I've got an entrelac class tomorrow. Woot! Let's not forget the mittens I need to get done for another swap for charity. This weather is just reminding I have enough stuff to get done.

The crazy yarn I picked out for my entrelac class.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dying my own yarn!

So, I thought I should get back into my grove and share my yarn experiences.

Today I finished up a ball of yarn. It is dried and already on my needles this morning after chores. :)

I think pictures would make for a better story!

Used Kool-Aid and Pals Easter Egg dying kit. Very easy and fun!

All dried and waiting to be used!

Makes a very pretty ball of yarn!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Holy cow!!! I learned it. I know I took the class and all about 6 months ago, but I finally learned it and how it works. What's that you ask? I learned magic loop knitting. You know with one long circular needle instead of double points?! Well, I was making some uber cute longies for a friend who is expecting and deserves these like nobody else and it finally "clicked" in my head. Not only did I learn how to do magic loop, but I figured out/learned how to do two at a time right after. Way cool and makes it go so much faster. Maybe not faster, but I like being able to do the legs two at a time.