Saturday, July 31, 2010


So now that is one day till August I am once again reminded that our anniversary is coming up. This October 6th we will have been married for ten years. It was ten years ago tomorrow that I was talked into getting married, I was only 18.

With our anniversary coming up I should be happy and excited as I have in years past, but this year is different. Is it different because I think it should be extra special and I know it won't? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that I am sad. When I was 16 I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I was destine to become a nurse and live by myself with my dogs in a cute apartment all by myself. My ideas about my future never included a husband or kids simply because my parents told me I would never find a guy and surely not one who wanted to have babies.

Well, I turned 16 and dated a guy for awhile and became awesome friends with one his friends. We enjoyed talking on the phone and talking about Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. We had done several of the same adventures such as backpacking, and canoe trips. Needless to say we soon started dating. Sure enough a couple years later this same guy talked me into marrying him.

It wasn't long before he had me talked into moving to California with him. A couple years later, I still hadn't attended college because I had to work to pay for rent, and I found myself pregnant. It was good, all our friends had babies and most of them were younger than us. A few months after the birth of our first son, we moved back to WI. I was happy living near family again and working again where I worked when I was in High School.

While Brandon looked and looked for a job I kept working and all was good. We made it work while living above my parents. It was one cold night, when Brandon came to bed and asked if I was still awake. I was, and he asked, "Wanna move to Bosnia?" I knew it was in Europe and he knew I would do anything to get back to Europe. So we moved.

The rest of the story tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuff Week

First let me say we went camping and it was all good. We had fun. Both Brandon and I were tired and knew it was going to rain a lot, but we went with it and had fun in spite of. The mosquitos however, were something of another story. Uck! The best part was the beach and the beach we found was empty the entire weekend. The map said there were two beaches so I wonder if most people just never went on to find the second one. Oh-well!

So, last week I called my LYS and signed up for a finishing class (this after I feel I didn't complete the baby sweater as well as I could have). It's all good though. Anyway, I went yesterday to pay for my class and spend the $30 gift card they sent me. I had asked for banana fiber yarn or silk yarn about 4 months ago and they got it! Yeah!!! And in colors that I love. However, they cannot or will not get me Louet Kidlin yarn which bugs me. I don't know why it bugs me, but it does. I'm not opposed to buying yarn online since I'm still supporting little yarn shops, but the shipping annoys me. Call me crazy! Oh, the class! Duh! I'm very excited to go and thought it was today, but it's next week. Anyway, check out this yarn!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Wednesday!

I'm so tired. I don't know why. Seriously, I'm just tired of it all and tired.

I hate cleaning the house, but I have to do it every single day. I hate running kids all day, but I have to do it every day. I hate making meals, but I have to do it at least twice everyday. I hate yelling at kids, but I do it all day. I'm just done.

I don't even want to go camping this weekend because that is more cleaning, more cooking, more running, more yelling, more of everything, plus I have to provide entertainment. You have got to be kidding me?

I would love to take a few days away from the kids and relax camping on my own. Have a glass of wine without the 7 year old yelling at me. Sit and mindless read or knit. But I'll never get that because where would the kids go? I won't leave them with their Dad because he works and works hard and doesn't deserve to have to take the kids for a couple days on his own. I can't leave them with my parents because well I can't. And there is nobody else. I don't know...

I'm usually a very positive person and people around me know this and tell me that's one thing they like about me, but it's very draining lately. And I can only be positive so long because I start to feel fake.

That was a very real post. Hmm.

Monday, July 12, 2010


The other day we stopped at Steins to get a few things. While checking out a family comes walking up and they ALL gave us a dirty look. I thought, "WTF, whatever!"

The lady asked us for our zip code and I give it to quickly since surely she knows I'm from around town. The stuck up family continues to stare and look at us oddly. Then it's their turn to tell their check out lady their zip code. They say, "92054" very matter of factly. The check out lady says, "No, I need your zip code." But now I'm thinking, "Hey, we used to have the zip code silly woman."

Well, the the very tan family says they drove along way to buy flowers, and it finally occures to me that the zip code belonged to us when we lived in southern CA. Duh!!! I wanted to say, "Hey I used to have that zip code," but I feared the stuck up family would think I was even more crazy. Hah!

Needless to say I didn't say anything and CA family continued to stare are us. Uck!

So... To make a long story short, Brandon and I confirmed in the car that the reason we left CA was because of the people. They flat out suck and we didn't want our children around that.

And on that note, we are planning a trip for either next year or the year after to drive out to CA. LMFAO!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fair Isle knitting!

So, I wanted to learn another something new. The ladies at my LYS wanted to charge me $20 for one hour to teach me how to do Fair Isle knitting. I said, "Hah!" So, I went to and bought a book and then decided to use a bunch of left over wool yarn and knit a hat from the book. The colors don't work, but for my first project I wasn't getting picky.

So for my next bigger project I have a pattern for some knit Fair Isle pants for Joel. Too bad he is potty training right now though. LOL! I'm still making him the pants because they will be easy on and off for him. Yeah! Now I can even pick out a wool blend so they last longer. We shall see.

For tonight's dinner we have to eat salad with tomatoes and peas. We have so much of these things growing, that it's crazy. I think I'll whip up some fish to go with it even though we're doing a fish boil on Sunday, I think. Yummy! We should eat more fish anyway. Guess, that means I must go to my one of my favorite stores and get some olive oil and balsamic.

On that note, I also joined a group on Ravelry to help support weight loss. Maybe sitting on the computer though isn't helping. LOL!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm on Ravelry! I'm doing it and doing it all wrong. I joined my first swap on there and no where that I saw was it a secret swap. I got two emails from ladies and one of them was telling me she was my buddy. I was so excited that I then emailed my buddy!!! Remember the thing where it was a secret??? Yup, well the fun is done then. At least, I'm sure my buddy thought so, but I still get to send her a bunch of blue stuff. The other swap I did, we had to have contact with our buddies so, that may have also been part of my confussion. Anyway, that is my sad story for the day.

Today the weather was crap and I wanted to do so much. We spent most of yesterday cleaning and playing cards. That was fun, but now I want to get outside and go and do again. LOL!

On the bright side of the crumy weather I finished my KAL dishcloth. I can't say I like it even a little bit. It's down right ugly in my opinion, but pink isn't my color nor are flamingos. You guessed it, it's a surprise KAL (knit along) so we don't know what were knitting and we only get 6-10 lines of pattern a day. I should have guessed it was going to a flamingo based on the color of yarn and and time of year. Hah! Anyway, pink is also the next color needed, but this time it's just a stitch pattern rather than a picture. Yeah!

I ordered stitch markers from etsy and one arrived broken. I really like them though so I won't hold it against the lady. Those are pink too, but I like shiny and these are cool. Woohoo!

Monday, July 5, 2010


I have recently found the desire to find the perfect yarn colors. I want bright and colorful and fun. Since to purchase a hank or skein of the yarn with these colors costs upwards of $45 I'm thinking I may try dying my own. I've seen blogs where ladies use unsweetened drink mixes and the wool yarn from online. I think I can do that!

Anyway, I just hope I don't end up messing up a bunch of yarn. Eep!