Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking Ahead.

So, I finished everything Brandon needed for hunting and he brought us home tons of meat. It was great! The downside is after I tackled those heavy duty wool pants I was done and needed a break from sewing. Don't get me wrong, I've been knitting away like a mad woman, but I need to get my sewing done too. I made a purse since then for a swap and that's been it, in the last two weeks. I did make each of the kiddos a pair of clogs as well as myself. Yeah!

So, Caleb really wants to have a huge birthday party but with a birthday just days before Christmas I fear there would be few who showed up even after inviting his entire class. I just don't see many families having free time the Saturday before Christmas to run their kids to a party and then to pick them up and shop for an additional gift. I know as a parent I would probably pass on that party. Ack! Anyway, now I need something exciting for Caleb so he gives up on the party. He wants a DS thingy, I don't know what all it does, but it's about $200. Now before I get my panties in a twist I looked at the cost of a party anywhere except here and whoa! Expensive!!! So it makes the $200 DS look much cheaper. I feel bad buying him off though. Ack!

Anyway, I've got some fun ideas for Christmas and now I need to get moving!!! WooHoo!