Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just keep going!

I finished my first knit sweater yesterday! WhooWee, I'm excited! Now if only Joel would put it on so I can see him in it. Hah!

Today we are going to the dentist. Eek! I would rather give birth than go to the dentist since I was blessed with terrible teeth. I have never, not once, gone and had a cavity free visit. I brush and brush and get lessons every time I go, I get special tooth paste, I've even gotten special stuff to put on my teeth before bed. Yup, none of it worked and I still have cavities. The best part is, I don't drink soda or juice, I don't eat candy very often, and I drink my milk and water with flouride. Why the cavities then??? Well, my Dad was 20 when he was blessed with dentures and my mom has terrible teeth as well. I'm going on 30 and seem be getting along okay, but still it sucks.

The worst part is... Is that Caleb got my terrible teeth. He couldn't get Brandon's fancy teeth which are cavity free and he never brushes. Caleb is now going to hate the dentist just as much as I do and for reason other than life sucks! Stupid teeth. I hate that he gets yelled at for eating crap even though he only gets soda at Grandma's and juice only sometimes and candy is even more rare.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So this week I decided to cook and cook and cook. It's all good because I love it. I made 3 batches of cookies and dinner every night. I had gone to one of my favorite stores and got awesome blueberry balsamic and some good Tuscan herb EVOO. Awesome!

But to make a long story short, my cookies did not come out. Same recipe, same type of flour, same everything. Just this time they were flat and really crispy. Eek! the only thing I can think of is that the brand of flour is different, but wheat flour is wheat and unbleached is unbleached. Yes, I know they can be drastically different, but hey

And I'd like to mention that the sweater I started on Monday should be done by this weekend. Should being the key word. I'm excited to see what it looks like when it's all done.

I like to leave on a positive note and that would be that we are getting away for the night to visit some family. Then the rest of this week Brandon has off. Yes, 9 days in a row off!!! That doesn't mean he'll stay home, he'll end up going to work at 3 of the 5 work days. That's why I love him though, he won't throw his co-workers under the bus during projects ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010


So, after two years of talking homeschooling with Brandon he is finally all in. And I mean all in. He is ready to go with it and knows I'll do a good job and he's ready to take on teaching as well. Way cool right? Well, now I'm freaked out. I have to be the teacher and parent and with both kids all the time? Some of that sounds good, but then some of it doesn't. I can image all sorts of fights starting over getting homework done because I know I'm not ready to do unschooling just yet. Eek!

On the bright side I found some good stuff for homeschooling. I'm also pretty sure there a group out there we can join. I'm also certain that we will meet lots of parents at homeschooling swimming lessons and such. WooHoo. I was in GS with a large group of girls who were home schooled and they were so nice. I also know growing up I wish I had been home schooled because peers were just so mean.

Now I'm rambling on and need to stop. Overall, it's time to make a change again. I'm excited to move forward with the journey of raising kids.

Oh-one positive thing. Caleb read an entire chapter book all by himself and then was able to tell me all about what happened. He missed some parts, but heck, he's only in first grade. I'm so proud!