Friday, April 15, 2011


So, since I'm not in school at the moment I take knitting classes at the local yarn stores in my area. I consider myself very lucky to have two awesome yarn stores so close by for exactly this reason. Anyway, my most recent class was for a knitting technique called entrelac. I'm not sure where it started or anything, but I saw a huge entrelac blanket somewhere and asked what it was called and thought to myself, I must learn that. So, in my class I learned how to knit entrelac and a mobious and how to put them together. I think you need a picture to fully understand, I know I did.

This is a picture of my second entrelac mobious on needles. Crazy, cool!

This is my finished project!

Mobious means twist, I guess.

Oh I suppose you want to know what it is you are to do with this odd shaped thing. You wear it like a scarf. I wanted to wear mine this spring, most like a necklace. The first one is smaller and fits like a cowl where the second one will accoplish what I want. Crazy!

On a similar note Brandon and I are working tirelessly to get ready for school this fall. There is a ton of paper work involved with higher education. Both of us in school and taking on homeschooling. Now that is crazy! Next week I plan on making more soap so... Yay!

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