Friday, May 17, 2013

I haven't been on here much after my friend died.  She would post just about everyday and then nothing.  Okay breath, it's all good.

So with the warm weather this spring I needed some change.  We've lived in the same house for 8 years with the same rummage sale, thrift store furniture.  I'm down with that, but it was time for a change.  First up a new couch.  Yay!  I had on of our old ones stuffed with pillows to make it last.

Next the boys room needed a make over.  They actually had a new bunk bed set thing that was new, but the little bed broke and the bigger bed just took up too much room.  I just never like it after we got it because it left not decent room to play on the floor.

This is what they had.
And now this is what I built for them. 

I always said my kids would never have a tv in their room, but man alive there is only so much Star Wars I can handle.  Now they don't get much tv time, but now when they do they can each watch something different or watch in their room.  The PS2 will also go in there because I don't like all the bits and pieces in the livingroom.  They never play it so I'm not too worried about that yet.

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