Friday, October 1, 2010

Potty Training!

I want to say, "YEAH!" Joel is mostly potty trained. He can't make it long in the car yet, but he knows how to use the bathroom. Woot! Who knew it took so much work? I forgot over the years since Caleb.

Anyway, we are staying super busy. Turns out that the weekend we planned for our anniversary get away is the most busy weekend of the year for tourists and it's also a holiday weekend. Did you know Columbus day weekend you need to stay at least three nights for B&B's and two nights for hotels? Well, that's not an option so... we have a weekend with nothing. WooHoo! The bad thing is we doubt we'll have a make-up weekend so there goes our tenth anniversary with nothing.

But I also want to mention I got a wonderful swap package last week and in it was yarn, project bag, and pattern, with some goodies too. Well, I finished half of the project already. Yeah me!

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