Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting things done!

Here is a before photo of my bathroom about 3 years ago, but still. We had a very big shower stall, and I liked it. But then it leaked buckets into the basement due to crappy work by the builders.Before my green phase and you can see I bought everything from thrift stores and rummage sales. Hehe! I still have this shower curtain because I like it so much.

So you see we finished my bathroom one week ago today. It was six weeks worth of work. Now granted we didn't work on it every single day, but we put a lot of time and effort into this stupid bathroom. It wasn't free either. Ack! Now there are no shower does yet simply because those will have to be custom.

So you see we knocked out the cabinets which now I realize how useful they really were even though the lower one was almost empty. Hah! Then we took out the one piece shower unit and threw that out. Ripped up the crappy vinyl floor, installed sheet rock and backerboard, built a unit for the tub to sit in. (Did you know you your tub needs lots of support including concrete underneath?) Then I spent an entire day putting tile on the walls. We then spent awhile trying to make the bottom panel as removeable as possible as that is where the motor and heater are for the tub. We figure we'll still have cut a hole in my bedroom wall if there ever is a problem though. Then I tiled the floor. During the weeks we grouted and caulked which wasn't any fun. Last week I picked out paint and painted. And now we've been using it for one week and I love it!!!
I even have the best husband who took the kids for two nights so I could have as many baths as I wanted. :)

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