Saturday, February 18, 2012

Long Time no See.

Well, the last time I was on here it was June. Our summer flew by. We did a hiking trip last summer and have another one on the books this year. The holidays were uneventful, nothing exciting. We filled the freezer with venison again.

Big news?

I am looking at joining a new church. I met some new people and feel better grounded.

We homeschool now! The boys love it. Why didn't we do this earlier?

Joel is a chatter bug now.

I am in a contest to knit 12 shawls by the end of 2012. I've got 2 done and a 3rd on the needles.

I wanted to learn crochet by the end of 2012 and I'm working on that!

Brandon is going to school again! Full time even!!! With a full time job! Who says we are lazy? Hmm.

Brandon's car is headed to the junk yard and he got a new/used one already.

Caleb can really cook now. It's fun to eat his meals. His chicken and veggies with curry glaze is to die for!

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  1. Welcome back to blogger land! When I got married and moved, finding a new church was kind of scary. I was a member of my previous church for over 25 years. Now that I've been at my new church for over a year I'm so thankful for the switch. It's almost as if my faith has been renewed. Good luck to you and I hope everything works out!