Monday, June 18, 2012

I had a whole post and it disappeared.  This one isn't nearly as nice.

Some of my knitted favorites.

I learned how to spin on my spinning wheel and then designed this cute purse.

Joel is turning 4 this weekend.

We've been camping 8 times already this spring/summer with several more on the calendars.

My backpack fits again so we've got Rock Island on the calendar for 4 nights in July.  Woot.

We're taking a break from church again as we are unsure on the direction we want to take our faith in.

Caleb can really cook up some yummy meals now.

We splurged and got a gas grill.  I love it, Brandon hates it.

Brandon finished all 5 of classes with A's and we see it as a family accomplishment.  Yay.

We joined a CSA and love it!!!  We've already got our first box and can't wait for more.  It was pricey up front but so worth it.

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