Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's just that time of year again.  Fall!  October!  You can smell the leaves decomposing and the cool air rolling in.  It is exciting and sad all at the same time.

So, lately I've been reading lots and knitting some and trying to squeeze our budget to make us more money.  Busy!  Busy, isn't even the word for it!

I don't know if everyone know we homeschool, but... here goes.

Caleb is doing Lifepac grade 4 in English, Math, Science and History.  I love it.  It's easy to take along, easy to explain, easy to expand, and easy on the budget.

Joel is doing Horizon's preschool program, but I think we might skip ahead a bunch as we're on lesson 40 and it's still long and boring...  That's the best thing about homeshool.

Some of you may be sitting there wondering why we are homeschooling.  Seriously, you didn't finish college?  You didn't get the grades in high school?  You don't even work?

Yes, neither my husband or I have a 4 year degree and we realize it is required in several of the 50 states.  Does that mean we can't teach 4th grade?  I've had terrible teachers with Masters and the best teachers who haven't even finish college.  True, I can tell you all about this preschool teacher... who was still in school.  She was fan-freakin-tastic! 

But how are your kids going to survive without socialization?  We have done school and it was terrible.  Kids are mean, adults and rude and what are they really learning?  We have done groups and there again, the kids had potty mouths and the parents thought the kids were servents.  Seriously?  Maybe I am setting our kids up for failure, but at least for now they value respect and know what it is. 

Okay, so everyday is awesome.  I get some free time to plan menues and to plan more school and play on Ravelry.  I can't really leave our new school room until the "day" is done, but I'm okay with that.  We have a set schedule and stick to it as best as we can.  I did make it easy to rearrange though is we have a play date or field trip. 

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