Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To do list!

Okay, so awhile back I posted my to do list, maybe a month ago. I don't remember what was on it but I think it was before we decided to do a handmade Christmas. Anyway, I want to put on here what I need to get done yet and what I have done already.

1 bigger quilt
1 small lap quilt
Done! 5 -6- boxers
pencil case
lunch money wrist band
Done! Bag for winter clothes going back and forth to school
Draw sting backpack bag
Sleeping bag type thing, I have an idea
2 pair of fleece pjs
Done! Knit sweater

1 big quilt
Done! 1 small Thomas quilt
Done! 6 underwear
Thomas pillow or pillow case
Thomas crayon/color pencil roll up case
2 pair fleece pjs
Sleeping bag type thing
Knit Thoams hat
Knit sweater

Hubby (He needs some of his by Thanksgiving!)
Done! Wool pants
Done! Shooting mittens
6 boxers
Done! Cotton gun case

Pencil case
Done! Wallet
Denim quilt?? Not attempting this year.

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