Thursday, November 11, 2010


After I made my list and was downstairs looking at my fabric when I decided to look for a pattern for a wallet. This might help me use up some of my fabric stash and be perfect for my brother and other boys on my list. So I found a few patterns but nothing really struck me as awesome, until I ran across this At first I wasn't impressed because I'm not really thrilled with that kind of thing, but with some adaptions and some creativity I came up with my own.

Inside. (It even fits a standard credit card!!!)

All folded up. You can kind of see the zipper with a pocket on the other side.

Caleb just had to model it for me and since he is so cute, here is the picture.

I think my brother will like it. He likes orange and skulls and plays the guitar. I assume he needs a wallet and I thought I put some $$ in there for him to buy his own gift. Now I need one more present for his birthday.

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