Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Like I said, I've taken on knitting again. It's going well. I joined today and I think I'll really like it. I had been looking to knit up some sweaters for the new puppy and I found some cool patterns on there today. Woohoo.

As for this puppy I mentioned, he is doing really well. I officially named him Sparky simply because he looks so cute running. Haha. Sparky went to the vet and did wonderful, but they are telling me I must get him fixed at 6 months. I thought I'd wait till he was bigger and find a different vet. DH has a cousin who is a vet and I would trust him much more. Anyway, we had Lex fixed when he was 6ish months and it didn't go well. Lex came home the next day and had an infection and was really sick. Ugg! So... those are my thoughts on that!

On another front, I have been thinking about homeschooling more and more. Caleb has been working on a cool dino project for the last few weeks and it's driving me mad. I guess I would rather see him start from the beginning. I would have handed him a 1st grade sized book and have him find the answers to some basic questions just to learn how to do research. Then I would have write a report from that and so on. Nope, he needed to use 2 sources of his choice for research and was given some very specific questions to answer in his written report. Best of all he needs to also come up with a presentation to share with the class. Heck, when did school get so ahh...

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