Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, we have a problem. We were aware of the problem long before now so don't fret. Anyway, our problem is our shower floor is cracked in the master bathroom. No big deal when it wasn't leaking. However, it has begun to leak and leak something terrible. We were waiting until just the right time to fix it seeing as Brandon only has 13 days to take off from work. And we needed to save up money because what we want will require a plumber and maybe an electrician. We had planned on having it done for us, but with summer we couldn't come up with enough money. Gah! So to make a long story short we have already bought a really cool tub and some beautiful tiles and we are ready to go. I figure all we need now is a good time to get it done. I hate unfinished projects!!!

Well, that being said... I guess we start after our big vacation of the year, two weeks. Brandon has that Monday off and when we get home, he'll take the next 4 days off plus the weekend which gives us 6 days to totally redo my/our master bathroom. Before we leave I want to have the bathroom demolished and this faux wall/ledge thing constructed. Right now I have no where to set a bottle of shampoo and it's super annoying so we agreed on making a ledge thing about two feet up from the bathtub edge.

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