Thursday, August 19, 2010


First let me start with, I really enjoy making soap. Holy cow is it fun. Who knew? When I was a kid about 10 my Grandma H. showed me how to make soap with leftover bacon grease and I thought I would never do that. Ewe. I remember even thinking, "That soap is going to smell terrible!" Turns out it didn't smell like anything and boy did it make a great kitchen/bathroom soap bar. It was super hard and cleaned really well. Now mind you she usually let it set in the bathroom attic for nearly a year to harden, but still!

So, over a year ago I did lots and lots of research and started making soap. It turned out lovely and super hard and made a super lather and had the perfect pH. Huh? This is pretty easy. While it is easy, it's also very dangerous!!! Maybe that's part of the fun. Hah! Needless to say I made many and many more batches and gave tons and tons of it away since I could not figure out how to make a small batch. The book I had called for 10 pound loafs. Recently I've got that under control.

Anyway, with yet more and more research I discovered I can do tons of way cool things with my soap. I went to my one of favorite stores, The Bulk Priced Food Store, and bought a bunch of bulk tea. One of my favorite smelling tea is Indian Spice, but I hate the way it tastes. Go figure. So I made a super strong tea and let it set out for at least an hour. Then I ground up a couple table spoons of the tea to make a reasonably fine powder. I used the strained tea to mix with the lye and then when the soap was done I stired in the powder. Finally, on top I sprinkled more whole tea on top. Needless to say, I have made one of the best smelling soaps ever, in my opinion. Woowee, do I love it.


Spiced Soap

So pretty all lined up!!!

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