Saturday, July 31, 2010


So now that is one day till August I am once again reminded that our anniversary is coming up. This October 6th we will have been married for ten years. It was ten years ago tomorrow that I was talked into getting married, I was only 18.

With our anniversary coming up I should be happy and excited as I have in years past, but this year is different. Is it different because I think it should be extra special and I know it won't? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that I am sad. When I was 16 I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I was destine to become a nurse and live by myself with my dogs in a cute apartment all by myself. My ideas about my future never included a husband or kids simply because my parents told me I would never find a guy and surely not one who wanted to have babies.

Well, I turned 16 and dated a guy for awhile and became awesome friends with one his friends. We enjoyed talking on the phone and talking about Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. We had done several of the same adventures such as backpacking, and canoe trips. Needless to say we soon started dating. Sure enough a couple years later this same guy talked me into marrying him.

It wasn't long before he had me talked into moving to California with him. A couple years later, I still hadn't attended college because I had to work to pay for rent, and I found myself pregnant. It was good, all our friends had babies and most of them were younger than us. A few months after the birth of our first son, we moved back to WI. I was happy living near family again and working again where I worked when I was in High School.

While Brandon looked and looked for a job I kept working and all was good. We made it work while living above my parents. It was one cold night, when Brandon came to bed and asked if I was still awake. I was, and he asked, "Wanna move to Bosnia?" I knew it was in Europe and he knew I would do anything to get back to Europe. So we moved.

The rest of the story tomorrow!

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