Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm on Ravelry! I'm doing it and doing it all wrong. I joined my first swap on there and no where that I saw was it a secret swap. I got two emails from ladies and one of them was telling me she was my buddy. I was so excited that I then emailed my buddy!!! Remember the thing where it was a secret??? Yup, well the fun is done then. At least, I'm sure my buddy thought so, but I still get to send her a bunch of blue stuff. The other swap I did, we had to have contact with our buddies so, that may have also been part of my confussion. Anyway, that is my sad story for the day.

Today the weather was crap and I wanted to do so much. We spent most of yesterday cleaning and playing cards. That was fun, but now I want to get outside and go and do again. LOL!

On the bright side of the crumy weather I finished my KAL dishcloth. I can't say I like it even a little bit. It's down right ugly in my opinion, but pink isn't my color nor are flamingos. You guessed it, it's a surprise KAL (knit along) so we don't know what were knitting and we only get 6-10 lines of pattern a day. I should have guessed it was going to a flamingo based on the color of yarn and and time of year. Hah! Anyway, pink is also the next color needed, but this time it's just a stitch pattern rather than a picture. Yeah!

I ordered stitch markers from etsy and one arrived broken. I really like them though so I won't hold it against the lady. Those are pink too, but I like shiny and these are cool. Woohoo!

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