Monday, July 12, 2010


The other day we stopped at Steins to get a few things. While checking out a family comes walking up and they ALL gave us a dirty look. I thought, "WTF, whatever!"

The lady asked us for our zip code and I give it to quickly since surely she knows I'm from around town. The stuck up family continues to stare and look at us oddly. Then it's their turn to tell their check out lady their zip code. They say, "92054" very matter of factly. The check out lady says, "No, I need your zip code." But now I'm thinking, "Hey, we used to have the zip code silly woman."

Well, the the very tan family says they drove along way to buy flowers, and it finally occures to me that the zip code belonged to us when we lived in southern CA. Duh!!! I wanted to say, "Hey I used to have that zip code," but I feared the stuck up family would think I was even more crazy. Hah!

Needless to say I didn't say anything and CA family continued to stare are us. Uck!

So... To make a long story short, Brandon and I confirmed in the car that the reason we left CA was because of the people. They flat out suck and we didn't want our children around that.

And on that note, we are planning a trip for either next year or the year after to drive out to CA. LMFAO!

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