Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuff Week

First let me say we went camping and it was all good. We had fun. Both Brandon and I were tired and knew it was going to rain a lot, but we went with it and had fun in spite of. The mosquitos however, were something of another story. Uck! The best part was the beach and the beach we found was empty the entire weekend. The map said there were two beaches so I wonder if most people just never went on to find the second one. Oh-well!

So, last week I called my LYS and signed up for a finishing class (this after I feel I didn't complete the baby sweater as well as I could have). It's all good though. Anyway, I went yesterday to pay for my class and spend the $30 gift card they sent me. I had asked for banana fiber yarn or silk yarn about 4 months ago and they got it! Yeah!!! And in colors that I love. However, they cannot or will not get me Louet Kidlin yarn which bugs me. I don't know why it bugs me, but it does. I'm not opposed to buying yarn online since I'm still supporting little yarn shops, but the shipping annoys me. Call me crazy! Oh, the class! Duh! I'm very excited to go and thought it was today, but it's next week. Anyway, check out this yarn!!!

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