Friday, July 9, 2010

Fair Isle knitting!

So, I wanted to learn another something new. The ladies at my LYS wanted to charge me $20 for one hour to teach me how to do Fair Isle knitting. I said, "Hah!" So, I went to and bought a book and then decided to use a bunch of left over wool yarn and knit a hat from the book. The colors don't work, but for my first project I wasn't getting picky.

So for my next bigger project I have a pattern for some knit Fair Isle pants for Joel. Too bad he is potty training right now though. LOL! I'm still making him the pants because they will be easy on and off for him. Yeah! Now I can even pick out a wool blend so they last longer. We shall see.

For tonight's dinner we have to eat salad with tomatoes and peas. We have so much of these things growing, that it's crazy. I think I'll whip up some fish to go with it even though we're doing a fish boil on Sunday, I think. Yummy! We should eat more fish anyway. Guess, that means I must go to my one of my favorite stores and get some olive oil and balsamic.

On that note, I also joined a group on Ravelry to help support weight loss. Maybe sitting on the computer though isn't helping. LOL!

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